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electronic ruler

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1. Small size, convenient and practical.
2. Lightweight to 35 grams, small and portable.
3.8 functions, three buttons can be easily operated.
4.99 meters long distance measurement.
5. Lithium battery is directly charged, and the standby time is 200 days.

Shell material: aluminum alloy + silicone
Screen: 1.8-inch VA LCD display
Shell process: fine polishing + matte sandblasting
Screen cover: 4H super hard
Size: 53 * 15MM (diameter * thickness)
Net weight: 35g
Single measurement distance: up to 9.99 meters
Cumulative range: up to 99.99 meters
Accuracy: ± 0.5%, support stepless adjustment
Backlight time: 30-180 seconds
Buzzer: on / off
Battery: 200mAh 0.74wh
Charging interface: Type-C