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Free Bending Faucet Extender

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Why choose this faucet extender?

  • - 360° Free Bending Faucet Lengthening Extender

  • - Bubbling water

  • - Prevent splashing

  • - Universal rotation

  • - Anti-freezing and anti-cracking


Main Features

  • ★ 360° Flexible Full Rotating
    The faucet extender turn it or adjustable in whatever direction or angle you want, making it easy to clean oversize supplies in sink or such as big plates or pan etc.

  • ★ Go To Great Lengths
    With our Faucet extender, you can add an entire 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 cm to the length of your faucet. After a hard day, you can enjoy a relaxing shower as the water cascades down from almost a foot above.

  • ★ One Size Fits Most
    International universal four-point interface (2 cm), suitable for most faucets.You’ll be enjoying the luxuries of a towering shower head in no time.

  • ★ High-Quality Materials
    Food-grade silicone material, soft and safe, non-toxic and odorless. The all-copper interface is durable and does not rust. Filter design, rich foam to prevent water splashing.



Product Weight

208 / 440 g

Connection Size

2 cm


20 / 30 cm

Package Contents

Universal Rotating Extension Tube × 1




Black, Orange