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Electric Lint Remover

Preço regular R$ 183,00



1. 2 in 1:Pellet remover machine and lint roller
2. Portable:it is only 227g
3. Sharp: 3 stainless steel blades, easy to remove link, pellet, fuzz, fabric
4. Safety: The net cover protects to prevent being cut by the blade
5. Daily clothing care: clean up stubborn hair balls
6. Strong power system
7. Gift:1 cleaning brush


1. USB charging
2. Size:3.2cm*9.5cm*21cm
3. Material:ABS 、Stainless steel
4. Voltage:5v
5. Power:4w
6. Color:green、red、gray.


1. For the first use, please keep charging for 10 hours. The light will turn blue when fully charged.
2. Please tidy up the clothes that need to be trimmed, and then let the lint remover slide gently on it.
3. If the blade cannot be rotated, please disassemble the net cover to check whether the cutter head is entangled by the trimming long thread.
4. Please clean up the dander in the blade and box in time.