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Kitchen Storage Sorting Rack

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1. Each layer can be rotated 360 degrees, no inconvenience when cooking
2. No punching, saving space, suitable for any kitchen.

Material: iron pipe+PP
Size: about 68*45*31.5cm/26.77*17.72*12.40in

Weight: about 900g



1. 3 Trays: A thin white spice rack, can store messy seasonings together. 3 trays in total, suitable for family of 4.

2. 360° Rotation: The spice rack can be rotated 360°,  good storage! Slim, space-saving, suitable for any kitchen.

3. Item Size: Stretch type, size 68-100cm, just connect it to the kitchen and the upper shelf, make full use of the dead corner in the kitchen, can be installed anywhere.

4. Simple Installation: the tray is removable and can be cleaned, very hygienic.

Packing List:

Kitchen Spice Rack*1