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3.5L Plastic Cold Kettle

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Bullet Points:
〖Reliable Quality〗: This kettle is safe to use, sturdy and durable, because it is made of the safest food-grade PP material, not afraid of falling, not afraid of temperature differences.
〖Excellent Heat Resistance〗: This kettle is resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, and can withstand temperature differences from -20°C to 120°C. You can pour boiling water directly into the kettle without deformation.
〖Unique Design〗: This kettle does not need to be opened or closed like other kettles. It has a unique faucet design, you can get drinking water by gently pressing the faucet. The faucet has a rubber ring, so don’t worry about dripping.
〖Refrigerator Kettle〗: This kettle is small and convenient, and can be placed wherever you want. You can easily put it in the refrigerator. At the same time, there are handles on both sides of the kettle, which saves effort.
〖Large Capacity〗: This kettle is larger than other kettles. It can hold 3.2 QT (3.5 liters or 73.6 ounces). You can put more than 12 servings of water or your favorite juice, iced tea, lemonade, milk, and other beverages that everyone will like. Place large ice cubes, fruit slices.

1. The kettle in the refrigerator keeps you cool at all times!
2. The kettle is easy to insert into the refrigerator compartment and does not take up space.
3. The large capacity of 3.5 liters is equivalent to 7 bottles of mineral water, enough for 2 people a day.
4. The heavy-duty instrument cover is free of rotation, easy to open and clean with water and ice cubes. Create a variety of refreshing drinks to keep you cool for the summer.
5. The faucet is equipped with an apron to prevent clogging and sealing, and does not leak water for long-term use.

Material: PP
Size: 28*10*17cm
Color: White
Uses: Can be used for cold water, hot water, tea, scented tea, fruit juice, wine, etc.

Package included:
1*Beverage Dispenser