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Dish Steamer Basket

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HEALTHIER COOKING CHOICES – The steamer basket with high-quality stainless steel petals, food-grade plastic handle, and silicone feet will guarantee your health. Steaming is a healthy cooking choice because helps retain more than 90% of the nutrients lost when either boiling or microwaving food. The foldable steamer basket can be used to steam veggies, seafood, eggs, meats, desserts, baby food, and much more.

EXPANDABLE and COLLAPSIBLE – Vegetable steamer basket collapsed diameter is 5.1 inches. expands to 9 inches once petals are stretched out. The " " that fold in and out allow the steamer to fit various pot/pan sizes or pressure cookers, turning any pan into a steamer. Opens like a water lily and it folds compactly to save storage space, unlike bulky bamboo steamers.

FOLDABLE LEGS & REMOVABLE CENTER – Three foldable legs with silicone will not scratch your pot. They are 1.2 inches in length to keep food above boiling water so that it doesn't burn. 2.9" Central helps easy insertion to the deep pots and safe removal from the boiling water, and it is removable to steam large items Like corn on the cob. When your food is ready, remove it from the boiling water with a fork so you won't burn your fingers.

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS - Not only can it be used as a food steamer basket, but also can be used as a strainer or fruit container. You can also use it to filter extra water when making a salad. From busy moms to college students to culinary artists, this product is definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to get more health into their diet. It comes in a perfect-sized box makes it an awesome GIFT for your family & friends.


- High-quality food-grade material.

- Made of 18 panels can steam a variety of foods.

- Steam Foods preserves flavor and nutrients.

- Collapsible design for easy compact storage.

- Expands and adjusts to various pots, pans, or pressure cookers.

- REMOVABLE central handle for steaming of larger food.

- 3 legs at the bottom keep food separate from the pot.

- Lift it from the boiling water with a fork.

- MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: It can be used as a container or candy plate.

- EASY TO USE: Simply place the basket, feet side down.

- Dishwasher safe making it easy and faster to clean.