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Telescopic Sink Drain Rack

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1. Extensible Design: It can meet different needs, adapt to different sink sizes, freely adjust the length, can be a large-capacity storage.
2. Ventilated Drain: Create a healthy environment, keep it dry, drain holes are evenly distributed, and it is healthier not to collect water.
3. Towel Bar: Intimate everyday design, can keep the fabric dry, ventilated, clean, and hygienic. Easy to store: Easy-to-store cleaning utensils, such as dishwashing liquid, ball brush, etc. It is comfortable to handle at an appropriate height, and convenient for daily cleaning.
4. Easy Installation: Humanized design, easy to remove and wash. Made of PP material,it is more stable and does not shake.


Product size:Before expansion,32*27*6CM, after expansion,45*27*6